Dana Foster Interiors delivers an uncompromising level of personalized service with a commitment to creating one-of-a-kind interiors that evoke meaning and lasting memories for our clientele. Our collaborative, streamlined interior design services and tradition of craftsmanship and timeless materials guide our design with passion, integrity, and heart.

Below is a general outline of a new construction or renovation project. Please note that not all of these phases and activities pertain to every project.  Often phases may merge or occur simultaneously.  No two projects are ever identical.




Initial Consultation – We like to begin with an initial phone consultation to briefly discuss your project and determine if we are a good fit.  From here, we typically set up an in-person design consultation which allows us an opportunity to briefly work together, discuss your project needs, evaluate space, define goals, establish budget, and determine and define your design style and aesthetic.  The information gathered during this time helps us establish the scope of services and prepare the letter of agreement and scope of service document.


We will present the letter of agreement and scope of services documents and review together.

The letter of agreement details the fee structure, policies and procedures, and the designer and client responsibility. The scope of work details the scope of the project and estimated design hours to complete the project. Upon signing the letter of agreement and scope of work, a retainer fee is requested to commence work. This retainer fee is refunded upon receipt of all invoices at the completion of the project. Once the documents are signed and the retainer fee is received, we proceed with the next steps of the project.



Project kick-off ! Conceptual design work begins. If necessary, we may meet on-site to gather any final criteria for your project. We take measurements, photos, and discuss project specifics. Often, we arrange to meet with contractors, subcontractors, and/or workrooms to gather information for bidding purposes.


Conceptual Design and Documentation – The schematic portion of the project focuses on creating design schemes that tell the story of the project. This may include inspired sketches, inspirational images, space planning, furnishing layouts, material and finish selections, furnishing styles, and color palette options.  For any out-of-state projects, we will send our conceptual ideas to you for review electronically.

  • We provide sketches or drawings for space planning and conceptual design options for
    required spaces (floor plan review, spatial planning, furnishing layouts etc.)
  • We provide preliminary material options that demonstrate the design objective



Presentation Meeting – During the design development phase, we further develop and refine the approved schematic design along with any modifications and revise the design per our scope of work. We provide final material selections, drawings and sketches, and meet with you and the project team to discuss the feasibility of our vision, the timeline and the costs. For our out-of-state projects, we will present the design development phase electronically and mail any necessary materials/samples for review.

  • Refine materials and product selections
  • Refine any drawings for approval and distribution
  • Presentation meeting to review all materials and specifications and cost estimates
  • Revision Meeting(s) – We will meet to review any revisions, finalize decisions and collect deposits for any purchases to be made.

Note: If further revisions or additional options are requested, we provide this service at the
principal hourly rate outlined in the letter of agreement.



Contract Documentation and Order Placement – Once we receive approval from the design development phase, we will move into the construction documentation phase. This phase entails the working drawings and written specifications that communicate the interior design services to you, the architect, builder, and subcontractors. Upon receipt of invoices, a final package is delivered to you and your building team. This package documents the details, specifications, and drawings necessary to build your project and bring the vision to life. As part of the Contract Documentation phase, we also provide many administrative tasks. We will prepare estimates, place orders and track any purchase orders for products and/or merchandise procured through Dana Foster Interiors.

  • Finalize all approved elements from the design development phase.
  • Provide construction drawings, elevations, and details along with written specifications to
    provide package for approval and distribution to project team
  • Written specifications are finalized and prepared for distribution to project team
  • Provide cost estimates/proposals for any merchandise procured through Dana Foster Interiors, receive funds
  • Place, track and manage all orders



Budget and Process Review – Throughout the project, Dana Foster Interiors will review budget and procedures for adherence to approved design.

  • Review shop drawings, samples and submittals to ensure compliance with contract
    documents and design vision
  • Attend any necessary project meetings with client, contractor and subcontractors to review design and details
  • Communicate any necessary revisions to client and project team
  • Monitor status of purchase orders, shipments and installations



Initiation of Construction and Renovation

  • Make regular site visits to monitor adherence to contract documents and approved design.
  • Make any necessary visits to showrooms, storage warehouse or stone warehouse etc. to monitor quality control, check dye lots of natural stone, and review any jobsite questions or implementation details that may arise.



Construction Installation Period – Oversee installations of tile, slabs, flooring, cabinetry, lighting fixtures or any finish detail.  If any merchandise is procurred through Dana Foster Interiors, orders are continuously monitored, merchandise received, inspected and stored in our warehouse until the construction team is ready to receive and install the product safely.

STEP #10

Furniture Installation and Styling – If furnishings are part of our agreement, then Dana Foster Interiors will oversee all purchasing, management and installation of any furnishings, fixtures and equipment or any artwork and accessories approved for the project. Prior to a full house furniture reveal, we request that the client provide us with the home for 1-5 days to install the furnishings and arrange accessories and artwork. This time allows us to work without pressure or distractions and ensure the job is completed to our level of expectation. If time permits, we often arrange the photoshoot during this time as well. If time does not allow for a photo shoot, then we will request a photoshoot opportunity within 2-4 weeks of installation.

STEP #11

Project Completion / Client Reveal – If furnishings are part of our agreeent, we present the final installed furnishings & accessory package!

STEP #12

Punch List – Upon completion of the furnishings installation, Dana Foster Interiors will prepare a punch list for any areas that need adjustment or require touch up. During this time, we assist in resolving any items on the punch list.

STEP #13

Punch List Complete – Review punch list resolution and project satisfaction with client and sign off on all punch list items.

STEP #14

Project Closure Meeting. Review all final invoices for payment. Project walk-through.

STEP #15

Project Completion. Upon receipt of all invoices, Dana Foster Interiors returns the project retainer.  Enjoy your new home!



Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 4:30 by appointment
Saturday – Sunday + Holidays: Closed


Principal/Designer: Dana Foster
Phone: 425-444-3038

Payment Mailing Address:

Dana Foster Interiors, Inc. 

4580 Klahanie Drive SE, #442
Sammamish, WA 98029


The payment and billing schedule will be outlined in the Interior Design Scope of Work which accompanies the Letter of Agreement. All invoices will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested. Payment is accepted by a check made payable to “Dana Foster Interiors, Inc.” or electronically through an ACH online payment service available through Stripe. Credit card payments are subject to a 3.1% service charge.


Not all projects require our procurement services, but for those projects where Dana Foster Interiors provides merchandise and/or related professional services, the following outline explains our policies.

Dana Foster Interiors provides qualified subcontractors who specialize in residential design work, renovations, and/or new construction projects. Each of our trades are licensed, bonded and insured and conform to the highest industry standards and practices.

We are pleased to work with Client’s own subcontractors or Builder’s subcontractors, however Dana Foster Interiors will not be held liable for the work performed, the timely completion of work or any portion of the work performed. In the unlikely event that project delays occur due to Client’s trades or the Builder’s trades, cost may be incurred.

Dana Foster Interiors makes every effort to anticipate hidden or unknown variables during the construction, furnishing and/or styling process. Depending on the nature of the project, certain obstructions or hidden elements may not be self- evident until the work has commenced. Construction contingencies should be included in your budget. We recommend a 10-15% construction contingency, especially in any renovation project. A furnishings contingency should also be included in the budget as well. Furnishing contingencies may include product delays or back-orders that require a new product selection. A minimum 10-15% furnishings contingency is also recommended. In the event we encounter any of these challenges or other unknown challenge, Dana Foster Interiors advises the Client at the earliest time concerning additional costs or delays.


Dana Foster Interiors prepares and submits electronic cost proposals for all items to be purchased by Dana Foster Interiors. All proposals are good for 30-days, unless otherwise notified. If proposals are not approved within 30-days, the Designer will need to check for any price increase or product discontinuation. This service is billable at the principal designer rate.

Upon receipt of approved products or services, an electronic invoice is sent for payment. The required payment or deposit is listed on the invoice in accordance to the terms in this contract. Invoices act as your receipt. Purchases will not be processed without your approval and required payment. The merchandise or service deposit received is
acknowledgement of these terms and serves as approval of goods and services.


All packing, shipping, receiving, delivery, and installation charges are additional and will be charged at the Designer’s cost plus a 20% fee and applicable sales tax, as outlined in the fee agreement. Any cost related to shipping, freight or storage at our receiving warehouse in Seattle is due 2-weeks prior to merchandise delivery and/or installation. Product delivery and/or installation costs and any professional cleaning costs are invoiced at the Designer’s cost plus 20%. Any damage incurred during freight or delivery will be repaired or replaced at the Designer’s discretion. This service is billable at the principal designer rate.


Dana Foster Interiors can assume no responsibility for product or merchandise delay, back-order, or material discontinuation that are beyond our control. Products are often back-ordered or discontinued at any time, and material dye lot colors can change at any time. On occasion, a product may be received damaged or defective from the manufacturer. We consistently monitor projects and order receipt. Dana Foster Interiors provides written notice if any of these situations occur. We help facilitate any necessary re-orders or repairs with the manufacturers, provide revisions or make alternate selections and/or solutions if required. Please note, any merchandise re-selection, design revision and/or repair or re-order request made for any reason is billed the principal hourly rate. We perform this challenging work efficiently and effectively.

Once product, dimensions and/or design layouts are approved by you, Dana Foster Interiors can assume no responsibility for product delivered and installed and you find them no longer desirable. Once the materials, dimensions and design layouts are approved by you and products are ordered, you take full responsibility for such items.


Manufacturers and craftsman have varying lead times. Sometimes, the lead time estimated at the beginning of a project may change due to situations that are beyond our control. You are kept advised of ordering lead times, order progress and any delay or back-order that occurs.


All custom orders are made specifically to our specifications for your project and CANNOT be returned.

Some standard stocked items such as plumbing fixtures or light fixtures may be returned, if the manufacturer allows returns. Each manufacturer has different policies related to returns and restocking fees. Returns and exchanges are at the supplier’s discretion. Therefore, returns and exchanges are at the discretion of Dana Foster Interiors. If it is determined that a manufacturer will honor a return or exchange, restock fees and shipping charges apply. In general, restocking fees may range from 10%-20% with a few vendors charging a 25% – 50% restocking fee. All vendors charge freight on exchanged or returned items. You are responsible for paying any restocking fee, freight cost and applicable sales tax. Any time spent orchestrating returns or exchanges is billable at the agreed upon design rate.


Any guarantee or warranty that is extended to Dana Foster Interiors by any manufacturer, is provided to you upon request. Some manufacturers have warrantees and others do not. Additionally, we have recently been advised by many suppliers that prices are subject to change without notice. Should this happen, Dana Foster Interiors provides written notice of the price change and obtains approval prior to proceeding with any order.


Photographing the project and project progress allows us the opportunity to record our work and market our interior design services to other clients. We request that you allow before and after photos of the property to be taken by Dana Foster Interiors or any professional photographer. Upon approval, we may use the photography for marketing purposes for portfolio, website and other marketing materials. Your personal information and property address are protected. If you do not wish any photos to be taken of your project, please let us know at the onset of working together so we can respect your wishes. On occasion, we may request permission to place a yard or fence sign on the property for a new construction project or significant renovation.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide interior design services for your project! The highest measure of our success is the support we receive from our clientele and the repeat business and referrals we receive. Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority and we work hard to serve your interests and develop a long-standing relationship.

Once the project is complete, we love to hear from you! We always strive to improve our business practice and creative process and your feedback helps. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our interior design services, we are all ears!

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We look forward to working with you and your team to design a beautiful home!