At Dana Foster Interiors, we create, and curate inspired custom interior designs for our clientele. 

We have always believed in the mantra of less is more.  During these times of uncertainty and rapid change, we feel it is even more important to buy less and buy well.  At Dana Foster Interiors, we encourage quality over quantity, hand-crafted over mass production.  Sure, there is a time and a place for the affordable prices and convenience of mass retail shopping and online shopping.  However, for the most part, those items are vastly overpriced for their quality, lack craftsmanship and character, and most often lead to eventual frustration and disappointment when they fail.  Poor quality and failed furnishings often lead to those pieces ending up in our landfills.  Let us not contribute to the disposable furniture mentality! 

We encourage our clients to seek quality investments that are meaningful to them.  Classic, timeless pieces from architectural materials, to textiles and furnishings, will create lasting impressions for years and decades. We believe life is precious and we all have one life to live, so why not create our best life surrounded by beauty and quality.  After all, many of our absolute best moments in life are the moments we experience right at home, in, around and on top of our furnishings.  Investing in beautifully made furnishings only enriches our experiences further and helps to compel our emotions, offers feelings of comfort, security, shelter, and beauty. We do not want our furnishings to evoke frustration and discomfort.  So, whether you are curating your home on your own or you hire a designer to help curate your home, let us all elevate our day-to-day experiences and buy less … buy well!

Worried that your furniture investment you make now may not work into your next home?  We believe a well-designed piece can translate to new spaces and new homes with the right vision (and the right designer).  If a piece is special, of quality, then why not bring it forward to your next home and incorporate it into new spaces.  A well-made piece with artisan quality adds history to your home and creates a fun story to share with your friends at your next dinner party!

We encourage a well-lived life filled with artisan made quality and beauty!

We are committed to uncompromising dedication to quality, integrity, and excellence.

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