We believe interior design is an art, not a commodity.  As interior designers, we offer a product (merchandise), a service (expertise) and an experience (brand).  At Dana Foster Interiors, we share our philosophy, creativity, innovation, credibility, genuine service, systematic process along with our promise of continued excellence.  We create and realize dreams based on decades of education and professional experience combined with a lifetime of creativity.  We have teams, artisans, vendors, and subcontractors who have worked with us for over 26 years.  We enhance property value, inspire, and create great interiors environments and free up time for you to live your life well.  We create a backdrop for your life’s memories.  Our value is immeasurable.


Working with a professional interior designer is an upfront investment, but the value-add to your project and to your life far outweighs the initial cost.  Investing in excellent interior design services early in you project saves you time, frustration and money and equates to beautiful, functional spaces that are unique to you. 

While we focus on whole house projects here at Dana Foster Interiors, we think professional interior design service is worth its value at any size or price point, whether a small renovation or a full-scale estate design.  With access to industry connections, trade discounts, knowledge of construction process, furnishing process, and the ability to value engineer product or design, interior designers optimize your time, forecast potential problems, and steer you away from making poor decisions, ultimately saving time and money.

TIME.  Our projects usually have a long duration.  Furnishings projects can run 6-9 months or longer, small renovation projects typically run 6-12 months, large renovation projects run 12-24 months and new construction projects can run 18 months – 3 years or more.

Our clients are busy.  They manage businesses, raise families, travel, entertain, and the list goes on.  We optimize their time by taking care of all the details, presenting our concise design vision and we execute and manage the design from concept to completion.  This frees up our client’s time and allows them to focus on other areas of their life, while enjoying the creative design process with much less stress.

We coordinate with our vendors, meet with architects, builders and subcontractors to develop the design, work through the details, and later we meet with all teams on the jobsite to ensure the design is cohesive and meets our quality expectations.  We order materials and ensure their quality and safe delivery.

Dana Foster on a construction site; benefits of hiring a designer

COMMUNICATION.  As interior designers, we act as your liaison between your architect, builder, trades people and crafts people.  As our client, we work to streamline the communication process.  We speak the language of the trades and help translate details and ensure the design vision is carried out without sacrificing quality or design intent.

COST SAVINGS.  Interior designers help save money on projects.  As anyone who has renovated or built a home in the past knows, change orders creep up fast and are very costly, adding expense and time to the project.

At Dana Foster Interiors, we work hard to develop the project in its entirety from the very beginning.  We analyze details, provide drawings, and create design packages that can be bid by the construction team early to develop realist costs.  If any budget alteration needs to occur, we address those items with the construction team prior to construction.  Early planning allows all members of the team to review details, forecast any problems early and rectify any issue before they ha ppen.  With complete product specifications for every detail in the home, your contractor can provide realistic pricing. This reduces the chance for costly change orders down the road.

Our insight into the construction process helps keep your project running smoothly, meeting all deadlines, and adhering to established costs.

VALUE ENGINEER.  As designers, we know when to splurge and when to hold back, where to add value and where to economize.  We account for the budget by blending high cost areas with low cost areas.  If any part of the construction or furnishing budget is considered too high, we help develop a plan to eliminate certain areas or find alternative solutions that meet the budgetary needs without scarifying the overall design aesthetic.

PRODUCT.  As designers, we have access to unique products, merchandise, antiques and custom-made furnishings, fixtures and artwork that are not available to the public.  Often, we receive discounts and exclusive access that is not available to the public, ensuring your project is unique, distinctive and holds a price advantage.

We are committed to uncompromising dedication to quality, integrity, and excellence.

An outdoor furniture set; hiring a designer

Design: Dana Foster Interiors / Photography: John Granen Photography

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